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FeelMemory® is the space to keep your most valuable memories. A free space without advertising, where your privacy is really protected.

STORY OF MY LIFE - Your best memories.
Your childhood photos, those of your family, the last holiday... preserve the most important memories of your life, to relive the same emotions every time you want and share them with the people you love.

MEMORIAL PAGE - The memory of those you've loved.
Create the Memorial page of the person you've loved with photos, videos, memories ... it's a wonderful act of love that only you can do and that will keep his/her memory forever.

COLLECTIVE MEMORY - Our common memories.
There are places, events and celebrities that leave a mark and tie many people together who perhaps don't know each other. The bond is made by our common memories, that we can preserve all together creating a collective memory.

On FeelMemory you can support a nonprofit organization with a donation dedicated to the memory of the person you loved. FeelMemory is completely free and donating is not mandatory, but your contribution is critically important to help those who work every day to create a better world.