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FeelMemory is totally free and your privacy is really protected.
You can remove your Personal Page from FeelMemory at any time. The content published until then will not be visible to anyone.
FeelMemory is the safest way to keep your memories forever. You can choose whether and with whom you want to share them just setting your privacy.
No, but it makes it easier for people to find you and to get in touch with you.
The charities' logo are in the users' personal pages who made a donation. Making a donation to help those who are in need is important but entirely optional.
The charities' logo  appears in the memorial page when any user decides to make a donation in memory.
No, you need to request a connection and be accepted for each Memory.
Once registered, you must confirm your account before you can access FeelMemory. YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFERMATION EMAIL. Click on the link "click here" in the email you've received and your account will be activated.   If you haven't received the confirmation email, please verify: 1. You have correctly entered your e-mail address (if not re-register with the correct address) 2. Verify that the confirmation mail  is not in your spam folder In case of any further difficulties, please write to
No, you can create the Memorial Page of those you want.
No, each user connected to a Memorial Page must request and be accepted by those who created it.
Yes, you can hide the logo of the organizations, but please consider that by keeping it visible you’ll help the organization increase its awareness helping them to receive more support.
Yes, you are the owner of that space and you can delete or hide any posts at any time.
Yes, you can ban any user that is bothering you at any time. In this case please report it to 
Yes, you are the owner of that space, and you can modify at any time the date of the post.
The heart on the profile picture indicates that this person or Memorial Page is supporting his/her favorite charity.
No one can alleviate the pain of a loss, but what we can do is keep his/her memory forever avoiding its history is lost. Only in this way, through the memories of those who loved him, the children of our children's children will know our loved.
No, make a donation to help those who work for a better world is important but not compulsory. Those who will decide to help a charity to make this world a better place to live, will be thanked with an heart on his image and the charity's logo will appear on his page. If you decide to donate in memory of someone, the little heart and logo will also appear on the Memorial Page to which you have dedicated the donation to.
FeelMemory is free for all users and advertising is prohibited inside. FeelMemory takes a very little part of the donations to promote this project helping charities to gather more donations.
No, their presence in FeelMemory is free!
Yes. There could be more than one Memorial Page for the same person, they will be distinguished by the creator's name on the top left of the memorial page.
Yes, to delete a memorial you have to click on the link "MY MEMORIAL PAGES" on your personal page. All your memorial pages will appear at the center of the page with an "X" to the right. By clicking on the X you can delete it. CAUTION: The memorial page will disappear from the connections of all users that you have accepted and their contributions will also disappear.
No, for safety reasons it's not possible. What you can do is to delete the memorial page that you have created and create a new one. We suggest to do it before other users are connected to your memorial page, otherwise you'll lose all their posts.
Sure! You can delete the post by clicking on the "pencil" on the upper right of the post and choose the option "delete". By setting the privacy you can also choose to approve each post before it is published.
To change the cover image you must click on the camera icon in the lower right on the picture.
You can see the memories related to a specific year by clicking "Select by year" and choosing the year you want to see. To come back to see all the memories, just click "Select by year" again.
It's not possible to upload photos larger than 6Mb, this limit is necessary and present in all social networks. Note that to view a photo on the screen is required less than 1 MB and the upload process will be even faster. We recommend that you reduce the size of the picture before inserting it in their memories.
Just look for the memorial pages on the search engine and when viewing the page, click on "Request Connection" and wait for the person who have created the Memorial Page accept your request. If you require your connection as relative, your Family Feel (family tree) and that of the memorial page with which you are connected will join each other.
Remove the current connections with clicks: 1. Click on "Connections" 2. Click the red cross to the right of the name. Now you can ask a new connection as relatives.